Pipe pressure rupture testing machine, constant temperature water tank, A-type fixture
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Pipe Pressure Rupture Testing Machine



The JXGY-10 static hydraulic blasting test machine is suitable for measuring the rupture time of plastic pipes used for various fluid transportation under hydraulic instantaneous blasting and long-term constant pressure resistance of thermoplastic pipes. It is an essential testing instrument for various research institutes, quality inspection departments, and pipe manufacturers.
The hydrostatic testing machine adopts embedded PC (hereinafter referred to as PC) central cluster control. Each path is a module,
Each module is equipped with a microcomputer, which is used to receive embedded PC control instructions and achieve control. At the same time, the control information is continuously fed back to the PC through the serial bus, and the PC completes the collection and storage functions of test data. It has functions such as pipe rupture identification, real-time monitoring, incoming data recovery, printing, storage of test results, and sample preprocessing settings.

Ⅱ.Compliant with standards

Standard numberStandard name
GB/T6111-2018 Thermoplastic pipes for liquid transportation - Test method for internal pressure resistance
GB/T15560-95Plastic pipes for fluid transportation - Hydraulic instantaneous burst and pressure test method
IS01167-2006Thermoplastic pipes, fittings and assemblies for the containment of fluids -- Determination of the resistance to internal pressure -- Part 1: General method
IS01167-2006Thermoplastic pipes, fittings and assemblies for the containment of fluids -- Determination of the resistance to internal pressure -- Part 1: General method 
ASTM D1598-2004Pipe, Plastic, Under Constant Internal Pressure, Time to Failure of (No S/S Document)
ASTM D1599Standard Test Method for Resistance to Short Time Hydraulic Pressure of Plastic Pipe, Tubing, and Fittings1

Ⅲ.Operational Principle

Input parameters such as ring stress, wall thickness, and average outer diameter of the pipe into the PC machine, automatically calculate the test pressure, and transmit the data to the lower computer (embedded system of microcontroller) through RS232 serial port. The lower computer automatically applies constant pressure to the pipe, and the high-pressure pump generates a high-pressure liquid pressure source. Through the pressure control system, the high-pressure hose is transported to the sample in the medium constant temperature box for long-term static hydraulic or explosion testing of the pipe. The testing results of this device can fully reflect the level of product quality of the enterprise.

Ⅳ.Instrument characteristics

Host characteristics (pressure center control system)

· System main interface mode:
Multi layer integrated display mode, each channel can display pressure, time, and temperature curves

· Integrated modular design:


The maximum pressure of the main circuit is 12Mpa, and the maximum pressure of the branch circuit is 10Mpa. The number of test workstations can be freely combined, and the host can install up to 30 standard control modules. Each control module can be connected to an independent workstation, and a host can control 10 workstations separately without interfering with each other. The number of modules can be freely increased or decreased inside the host for easy upgrading and maintenance.

· Diversified design functions:
It can be used for long-term static hydraulic testing of pipelines, as well as for burst testing of pipes (both burst and pressure testing can be performed on each route), and can also be used for thermal stability testing of thermoplastic pipes under static hydraulic conditions.
Each path has multi-level energy storage pressure control, with fast response speed to ensure stable pressure control; Can extend the service life of solenoid valves.


· High precision and stability:
To ensure the long-term stability of the instrument, the core technology and key components of the machine are globally sourced from well-known companies and brands in the United States, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom, ensuring the high precision and stability of the instrument.

· Wide pressure control range:
The pressure control range for each workstation is set arbitrarily between 0.4-10MPa.

· High reliability guarantee:
All electrical, mechanical, and software components are equipped with safety protection measures. Such as anti leakage, anti short circuit, anti static, anti interference, anti leakage, anti power outage, anti misoperation, etc.

· Integrated modular assembly:
Each circuit is equipped with a microcontroller unit and an electromagnetic valve control unit, which do not interfere with each other. The failure of one circuit test does not affect the normal testing of other circuits.


· Interface in Chinese and English with user-friendly design:
The control main interface has real-time display of main channel computer pressure and real-time display of branch pressure peak. In the main test interface, you can choose to display a lot of information such as timing pressure, set pressure, remaining time, set time, delay test time, medium box temperature, and notes for each workstation, which is clear at a glance. You don't need to enter a single channel interface to have a clear view of the content you are interested in.

· The product is divided into three parts:
Pressure host, water tank, fixture. Each part of the specifications and models is chosen by the user, and can also be customized by customers. 

Pressure source system:

· The main pressure source is integrated, and one pressure source can connect to multiple hosts
· High main pressure and large flow rate
· Wide pressure range, adjustable energy storage pressure
· Can add an automatic water replenishment module for water shortage to ensure that the pump body is not damaged due to water interruption
· Low noise, safe and stable
· The instrument comes with built-in leakage protection and water shortage protection functions

Ⅴ.technical parameter

JXGY-10 Pipe Pressure And Burst Testing Machine 
Test pipe diameter rangeD16-1000
Number of test routes3-way
Control modePC control 


Data savingEach channel has a power-off data protection function, which can be restored upon startup
TimeTimed time0-9999 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds
Timing accuracy± 0.1%
time resolution1s
Minimum setting unitMin
PressurePressure control range0.4~10MPa can be set arbitrarily; Other pressure units can be set, such as MPa, PSI, or bar
Pressure control accuracy-Between 1% and+2%, it can also be set arbitrarily
Pressure display resolution0.001MPa
measuring range4%~100% FS
Maximum allowable error of indicationWithin 1% of the displayed value 


NameProducing areaQuantity
Solenoid valveGermany GER Number of workers * 2 
Control moduleChengde JinboMain road * 1; Number of branching stations * 1 
Testing softwareChengde Jinbo1 set
Pressure sensorBarnes, UK Main road * 1; Number of branching stations * 1 
High pressure plunger pumpGIANT or MITM in the United States 1 unit 
AccumulatorZhejiang Fenghua Main Road: 2.5L Branch Road: 0.4L Main road * 1; Number of branching stations * 1 
High pressure hoseStainless steel joint, high-temperature and high-pressure hose, (water tank pressure resistant pipe with temperature resistance of 95 ℃ and pressure resistance of 63MPa), flexibility suitable for various experimenters to operate (Chengde Jinbo) Main road * 1; Number of branching stations * 1; Branch in water tank * 1
Computer (PC) 19 inch touch screen industrial computer (Chengde Jinbo) 1 set 
FilterDomestic (1) μ M level) 1 set

Thermostatic water tank



The constant temperature water tank is suitable for measuring the rupture time of various plastic pipes under long-term constant pressure test, instantaneous burst test, and long-term constant pressure test. It is an essential testing equipment for various research institutes, quality inspection departments, and pipe manufacturers.

Ⅱ.Instrument characteristics

1·The insulation system adopts an integral inner liner for insulation, and two types of insulation materials are used, which have good insulation performance and significant energy-saving benefits after long-term use. When the water temperature is at 95 ℃, the outer box is still close to room temperature, greatly improving the safety of the entire machine, while saving more than 70% of power consumption;
2. The pipeline adopts a circulating spray system, and the overall pipeline system material is 304 stainless steel,
3. External (or built-in) heater with high heat exchange efficiency, no need to shut down during maintenance, repair, or upkeep of the heater, which does not affect the normal operation of the test
4. The opening method of the box cover is pneumatic, and after opening, it should meet the laboratory's usage space;
5. The opening angle (opening size) of the box cover can be stopped at any time, and it has reliability, safety, and convenience;
6. The box cover is sealed with silicone rubber strips, ensuring no air leakage at high temperatures;
7. Structural frame box bottom, with large load-bearing capacity and strong resistance to deformation;
8. Stainless steel inner liner, equipped with stainless steel pump body structure frame and bottom, with large load-bearing capacity and strong deformation resistance.
9. The inner liner is made of 2mm thick stainless steel plate.
10. A thick insulation layer of 85mm or more, with measures to reduce thermal bridges (short circuits), provides insulation and saves electricity.
11. The inner and outer tanks of the water tank are made of 304 stainless steel material.
12. German circulation pump, with a large water tank circulation capacity of 135 L/min (rated). Depending on the size of the water tank
13. The temperature control system adopts a branded leakage protection device to timely protect personal safety.
14. The constant temperature water tank can circulate automatically or be connected to an external circulation system.
15. The water tank comes with a heating control system, and the pressure input port is determined by the user (such as 10 interfaces).
16. If you choose to configure a refrigeration system (temperature can be lowered from room temperature to 20 ℃), a high-power industrial compressor refrigeration system,
17. The inner wall of the water tank is equipped with high-pressure interfaces, and each interface is equipped with high-pressure and high-temperature hoses. High pressure hoses can operate at 95 degrees Celsius
18. The water tank adopts a spray type structure, and the circulating pump extracts hot water from below and sprays it down from above, so as to keep the temperature balance of the water tank in a cyclic manner.
19. The temperature control system adopts the most advanced microprocessors and has an RS232 interface that can communicate with the computer in real time to transmit the temperature and display it on the computer interface.
20. The water tank cover adopts a dual cylinder assisted lifting method, which is stable, safe, and reliable.
21. The water tank heating system adopts a back vertical heating structure, which is safe and easy to maintain 

HWX Constant Temperature Water Tank 
ModelHWX-110-630 (specific subject to contract) 
Maximum test pipe diameterD16-- D630 (specific according to the contract) 
Number of test routesDepending on the number of host paths
Test temperatureTemperature control range with refrigeration system: 20 ℃ -95 ℃ (optional) 
Control accuracy± 1 ℃
Inner liner materialAll 304 stainless steel inside and outside 
Inner liner sizePlease refer to the contract for details
Heating power9KW (conventional) (specific according to the contract) 
Open the water tank cover systemWater tanks above 315 are controlled by cylinders

图片4 (1).jpg

Note: Please refer to the actual product for the pictures

Ⅲ.Execution standards 

1. GB/T 6111-2018 "Test method for internal pressure resistance of thermoplastic pipes for liquid transportation";
2. IS0 1167-1996 "Test method for internal pressure resistance of thermoplastic pipes for fluid transport";
3. GB/T 18252-2000 "Determination of long-term static hydraulic strength of thermoplastic pipes using extrapolation method for plastic piping systems";
4. GB/T 15560-95 "Hydraulic instantaneous burst and pressure resistance test method for plastic pipes for fluid transportation";
5. ASTM D1598-2004 Pipe, Plastic, Under Constant Internal Pressure, Time to Failure of (No S/S)
6. ASTM D1599 Standard Test Method for Resistance to Short Time Hydraulic Pressure of Plastic Pipe,
Tubing, and Fittings1

Introduction to Type A 304 Stainless Steel Fixture

Ⅰ.Product Description

The series of plastic pipe and fitting sealing fixtures are mainly used for hydraulic testing and negative pressure testing. Adopting radial sealing without pull rod, meeting the requirements of relevant standards such as ISO and GB. This fixture is suitable for end sealing of various pipe fittings such as PVC, PE, PP-R, and lined steel skeleton composite. It mainly consists of clamping blocks, elliptical ends, silicone sealing rings, compression rings, and other main components.

Ⅱ.Compliant with standards

GB/T6111-2009, GB/T15560-95, GB/T18997.1-2003, GB/T18997.2-2003, ISO1167-2006, ASTM D1598-2004, ASTM D1599

Ⅲ.Product features

1 φ 10- φ 1200 adopts precision casting processing, and the sealing adopts A-type radial sealing structure. All materials are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. The stainless steel on the outer surface of the fixture components is uniform and consistent in color, with high strength and corrosion resistance.
2. This fixture is a patented product with a simple structure and convenient operation. During the experiment, the process flow of first installing the card and then sealing was achieved, ensuring 100% no leakage during the installation.
3. When assembling fixtures, there is no need for dedicated clamping brackets, and components weighing over 3KG are equipped with safety lifting devices.
4. The segmented clamping block structure can achieve automatic centering, making the clamping of pipes and fittings more secure. The clamping block is designed as a solid structure to ensure strength and clamping firmness, making it easy to handle and assemble.
5. The end of the fixture is supported by four legs, making installation more convenient and stabilizing the sample in the bath during testing

Ⅳ.Product real-life photos

DN stainless steel series

组 35.png

Φ Stainless steel series

组 36.png

Carbon steel series

组 37.png