WDW-20E Type microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine
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Ⅰ.Overall product performance:

WDW-20E type electronic universal testing machine is the classic practical model developed by our company, and it is also the mainstream model produced at present. It is the new generation of electronic universal testing machine with leading technology in the industry, which is designed and developed by our company after two brand-new upgrades on the basis of the previous generations of models, with the structure of the mainframe and the measurement and control system upgraded substantially, the structure is more reasonable and the function is more perfect. This series of testing machine has been accumulated production of more than 1,000 units, after a lot of practical testing and continuous improvement and refinement, technology and process maturity, high reliability, low failure rate, by the market and the user's praise and welcome.
The machine can carry out tensile, compression, bending, rebound, peeling, indentation hardness, shear, puncture and other physical and mechanical tests; GB, DIN, ISO, JIS, ASTM and other national standards and foreign standards can be tested and provide data; can be automatically obtained from the maximum test force, rupture force, compression force, yield HRb, tensile strength, bending strength, elasticity, modulus of elongation, and other parameters.
The machine conforms to GB/T2611 "General Technical Requirements for Testing Machines" and JJG475-2008 "Electronic Universal Testing Machine".


Ⅱ.Technical characteristics and advantages:

1·The tester is pollution-free, low noise, easy to operate and high efficiency;
2. The shell of the main machine adopts aluminum alloy shell, with beautiful and generous shape;
3. The main machine is an overall floor standing structure, high rigidity, stable performance and beautiful appearance;
4. Tension and compression are realized in independent dual space, avoiding the tediousness of replacing different test accessories in the same space;
5. The structure of the main machine is sturdy and durable. Thick ball screws and guiding light bar, thickened beams and base, constitute a strong rigid frame to meet the test of high-strength materials. 6;
6. the upper and lower beams of the mainframe and the working table as a whole are synchronized with CNC machining to ensure excellent alignment, when conducting axial tests to ensure that the specimen is minimally affected by the lateral force under the load, and to obtain accurate stress and strain results;
7. The screws are precision ground ball screws imported from Taiwan. The friction coefficient of the screw vice is small, the transmission efficiency is high, the precision is high and the strength is high;
8. the deceleration mechanism composed of speed reducer, synchronous toothed belt and precision ball screw sub is of simple structure, which ensures the synchronous movement of the screw and helps the system to be centered;
9. the use of AC servo motor and speed control system to control the test process, high control accuracy, smooth, efficient, low noise (basically no noise at low speed).
10. Multi-specification fixture adapter device and multi-attachment selection can realize the mechanical test of various materials, which gives the equipment more test functions;
11. Concentric rings and positioning pins fully ensure the upper and lower coaxiality of the test fixture, so that the specimen is completely stressed in the axial direction;
12. The force measurement adopts imported high-precision spoke load sensor with high comprehensive precision, high sensitivity and good repeatability. Through random calibration after the test is not affected by external forces, can ensure the accuracy of the test process and parameters;
13. Tension, compression and other tests when the sensor force direction is the same, calibration, calibration is simple and convenient;
14. According to the requirements of the configuration of different specifications of the sensor, so that the test range is greatly widened to meet the measurement requirements of different test loads;
15. Setting up fast operation buttons for rising and falling, which is very convenient to use and greatly simplifies the configuration of strong electricity and reduces the use of discrete electrical components, thus effectively reducing the electrical failure rate;                
16. Can realize the specimen clamping beam fast / slow lift adjustment, flexible operation, switch at will;
17. It has the function of returning to the initial position after the test, which is efficient and quick;
18. With perfect limit protection function and overload and overcurrent protection, test break automatic shutdown and other functions, reliable, safe;
19. Configuration of high-performance intelligent all-digital independent controller, the use of all-digital PID regulation, the realization of the hardware-based parallel sampling mode, can achieve equal-rate stress, equal-rate displacement, equal-rate strain, such as a variety of closed-loop control modes, and can be realized between the different control modes of non-perturbative smooth switching;
20. The measurement and control system is equipped with a multifunctional test software package and adopts VXDs high-speed data acquisition technology to realize the high-speed acquisition of multi-channel data;
It can analyze and process the test results according to the requirements of different test methods, with human-computer interaction programming and control functions, which is convenient to add new test standards; it has powerful graphical operation functions, which can display the test curves and test data in real time, and it has the functions of curve scaling, graphical enlargement and interception, and the function of cursor-following display. With a complete test curve, test data storage function; with a single piece of test report output and batch test report output printing function;
21. With network interface, can realize data networking and remote control function;

Ⅲ.Main technical indicators:

1.Maximum test force: 20kN
2. Precision level: 1 level
3.Measuring range of test force: 1%~100%FS (full scale)
4. Test force resolution: ± 1/500000 of the maximum test force, the whole process is not graded, and the resolution is unchanged.
5. Force control: force control control speed range: 0.001% ~ 10% FS / s.
6. Force control speed control accuracy: 0.001% ~ 1% FS / s, ± 0.2%; 1% ~ 10% FS / s ± 0.5%.
7. constant force, constant deformation, constant displacement control range: 0.2%-100%FS
8. Control accuracy of constant force, constant deformation and constant displacement: ±1% when set value <10% F-S/s; ±0.5% when set value ≥10% F-S/s.
9. Deformation resolution: ±1/500000 of the maximum deformation, the whole process is not graded, and the resolution is unchanged.
10. Deformation control: deformation control speed control range: 0.001% ~ 10% FS/s.
11. Deformation control speed control accuracy: 0.001% ~ 1% FS / s, ± 0.2%; 1% ~ 10% FS / s, ± 0.5%.
12. Displacement resolution: 0.01mm
13. Accuracy of displacement: ±0.5%
14. Displacement control: displacement control control speed range: 0.01~500mm/min.
15. Test space: A: effective tensile space: 600mm B: effective compression stroke: 600mm  
C:Effective test width:400mm
16.. Control system: full microcomputer automatic control.
17.. Multiple protection: the system has over-current, over-voltage, under-current, under-voltage, phase shortage, wrong phase, power leakage and other protections; the stroke has a programmed limit, limit limit, software limit triple protection. Emergency braking is available in case of emergency.
18... Power supply: 220V 50Hz
19. Power: 1Kw
20. Host structure: door type, double space, novel structure, beautiful and generous, smooth running
21. Working environment: temperature -10-40 ℃, relative humidity 10%-95% RH
22. Dimension of main machine: 760*520*1700mm
23. Weight of mainframe: 400 kgg
Execution standard:GB/T16491-2008、GB/T2611-2007、GB/T228-2010、JJG1063-2010、JJG762-2007

Ⅳ.Product Design Structure:

Overview:The tester adopts digital AC servo speed control system and servo motor with high speed control accuracy and stable performance as the driving system, and the specially designed synchronized tooth belt deceleration system and ball screw drive the moving beam movement of the tester. The control and data processing software based on database technology with Windows as the operation platform realizes the screen display of test force, peak test force, beam displacement, specimen deformation and test curve, and all the test operations can be completed by mouse input on the computer screen, which has a good human-computer interface and is easy to operate. The full digital programmable amplifier realizes the real sense of physical zeroing, gain adjustment and automatic shift, zeroing and calibration of the test force measurement without any analog adjustment, highly integrated control circuit, completely eliminating the potentiometer and other mechanical adjustment devices, simple structure and reliable performance. Ensure that the machine can realize the closed-loop control of test force, specimen deformation and beam displacement and other parameters, and can realize the test of constant force, constant displacement, constant strain, equal-rate load cycle, equal-rate deformation cycle and so on. Users can use the PC expert system to independently set the control modes of constant stress, constant strain, constant displacement, etc., and the various control modes can be switched smoothly and without disturbance. It can realize data processing in accordance with various standards such as GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN, etc. In particular, it has good expandability, and the processing results can be stored on disk in the form of ASCII code, which is convenient for the reanalysis of test data, database management, network transmission and other post-processing.

Mechanical structure part:

This testing machine consists of four parts: the mainframe part, power system, measurement and control system, and test accessories.

(I) Main machine structure:
The main machine consists of the upper crossbeam, moving crossbeam and working table connected into a rigid floor-standing frame structure through columns and ball screws. Between the upper beam and the moving beam, there are tensile attachments installed, which can be used for tensile and tearing tests on metallic or non-metallic material specimens; between the moving beam and the working table, there are compression and bending attachments installed, which can be used for compression and bending tests on metallic or non-metallic material specimens.
Thick ball screws and columns, thickened crossbeam and working table ensure high rigidity and durability of the frame. Fully meet the test of high-strength materials, such as aerospace composite materials, metal alloy test is particularly effective.
Precise overall CNC machining ensures excellent alignment, together with the stable and accurate rigid guide column system, ensures that the specimen is minimized by the lateral force under load.

(ii) Power system:

20240320164447818.pngServo motor diagram20240320164445714.pngServo Motor Driver Diagram

The drive and deceleration system is integrated and mounted under the table, which is compact and simple.
The tester adopts digital AC servo speed control system and servo motor with high precision and stable performance as the driving system, and the speed control system is composed of Taiwan Liming reducer and synchronous toothed belt deceleration mechanism.
The AC servo motor drives the double ball screws through the speed reducer and the synchronized toothed belt deceleration system, thus driving the moving beam to move up and down to realize the loading of the specimen.
The specially designed deceleration mechanism, symmetrical drive, more stable transmission, to ensure the synchronous movement of the screw, beam loading balance, and help the system alignment.

Measurement and control systems:
It consists of high-precision load sensor, high-precision extensometer, displacement measurement system, servo motor, special independent controller, special measurement and control software, and Lenovo mainstream brand microcomputer to form the measurement operation and automatic control system.
The force load sensor is installed in the lower part of the moving beam, which is used to measure the size of the test force.
The controller and software are specially developed and designed for material testing machine. The software is compatible with Windows98/2000/XP/Win10 operating systems. It adopts standard database to manage test data, integrates more than 200 national and industrial test standards, and supports batch test. Can complete the test force, specimen deformation, displacement and other parameters of real-time control, detection, data processing, results display, curve drawing, printout, remote transmission.


Controller Main Board Diagram

1. Controller main features:
The test machine will develop in the direction of high performance, humanization-intelligent,network,automation, integration-cost-effective. Independent controller set measurement and control functions in one, can complete a variety of test operations, provides a test machine measurement and control and data processing of a new solution, is to lead the development of test machine technology is an important part.
The controller is a new generation of static test machine special controller developed by our company for many years and cooperated with universities. Controller will be a powerful measurement and control functions, data processing functions, human-computer interaction functions, network functions, peripheral functions integrated together to provide a highly integrated single system solution for the test machine. High performance and cost-effective.
With network interface, it can realize data networking and remote control function.
Comprehensively support GB/T 228-2010 metal tensile test standards and all kinds of non-metal tensile test standards.

Specialized measurement and control software:

1· Equipment management functions:There are equipment parameter setting, equipment online or offline management, controller parameter setting, PID parameter online or offline adjustment, sensor direction identification, sensor calibration, sensor calibration, switching and other functions.
2. Test program: (1) fast tensile control mode in line with GB/T228-2010; (2) edited test program can be imported to other test machines; (3) by editing the running program, it can realize force control, displacement control, deformation control and other control modes combined operation, so as to meet the needs of any static test operation. Test parameters can be set, such as running parameter setting, sample parameter setting, running condition setting, test result project management. Test operation management can be carried out, such as starting test operation, test operation process management, test status management and display value management.
4. Equipment data management: query, delete and save test data; continue the unfinished batch test.
5. Unit parameter: various units can be added as required.
6. Curve management and analysis:
    During test operation, the test process is displayed in real time through single or multiple curves;
    In the non-test running state, single or multiple test curves are displayed by querying.
7. Automatic storage of test data: test data are automatically stored to avoid loss of test data due to unexpected downtime.
8. Test data query function: according to the test time, test program and other conditions to quickly query the previously completed test data and results.。

Ⅴ.Basic system configuration

1、Main machine (door type)                1 set
1.1 AC servo motor                         1 set
1.2 AC servo governor                      1 set
1.3 Load cell 20kN                         1 set
1.4 Precision ball screws (Taiwan ABBA)    2 sets
2、Full digital control system              1 set
3、Tension fixture: (pneumatic fixture)       1 set
4、Compression fixture: Ø100 pressure plate       1 set
5、Optical encoder           1 set
6、Lenovo brand computer        1 set
7, based on the Windows operating system professional version of the computer control software       1 set
8, random tools (provide installation, maintenance, operation of the special tools required and the list)       1 set
9, technical information: including: instruction manual, software manual, certificate of conformity, packing list

Ⅵ.Quality assurance

The equipment is considered to be formally delivered after formal acceptance by the ordering party. Equipment three packages for one year from the date of formal delivery. In the three packages, the supplier of equipment for all kinds of faults in a timely manner free of charge maintenance services. For all kinds of parts damage caused by non-man-made, timely and free replacement. Warranty period outside the equipment in the use of the process of failure, the supplier in a timely manner to the ordering party services, and actively assist the ordering party to complete the maintenance tasks.