MJ-WES-300B Liquid Crystal Digital Display Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine
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Ⅰ.Product Introduction

The main engine is a two column, two screw, and oil cylinder bottom mounted type. The stretching space is located above the main engine, and the compression and bending test space is located between the lower crossbeam and the workbench of the main engine. The force measuring instrument adopts a high-definition LCD display screen, making experimental data convenient and intuitive.


Ⅱ.Transmission system

The lower crossbeam is lifted and lowered using a motor driven by a reducer, chain drive mechanism, and screw pair to achieve adjustment of stretching and compressing space.


Ⅲ.Hydraulic system

The hydraulic oil in the oil tank is driven by a motor to enter the high-pressure pump into the oil circuit, flows through the high-pressure oil filter, returns to the oil valve, and enters the oil cylinder. The force measuring instrument collects and analyzes data through sensors, displays the hourly force value, and the tester controls the flow rate through the oil delivery valve to achieve the speed of the test force.

Ⅳ.Force measuring system

Support tensile, compressive, shear, bending and other tests;
Manually adjust the return oil valve for simple and flexible operation;
Support customization of experimental parameters;
Electronic force measurement, LCD display of test force time curve, test force, test force peak, and yield force of materials with obvious yield characteristics;
Flexible and convenient query of test results;
Equipped with a micro printer.

Ⅴ.Description of force measuring instruments

(1) Main interface


(2) Experiment/Query


Ⅵ.Safety protection device

When the test force exceeds 3% of the maximum test force, the overload protection and oil pump motor stop. When the piston reaches the upper limit position, the limit protection stops and the oil pump motor stops. When the crossbeam descends to the set position, the limit protection and the gearbox stop.

Ⅶ.Main performance technical indicators

Maximum test force (kN) three hundred 
Test force measurement range4% -100%No gear division throughout the entire process, equivalent to 3 gears 
Relative error of experimental force indication< ± 1% of the displayed value 
Maximum tensile test space (mm) six hundred
Compressed space (mm) five hundred
Piston stroke (mm) two hundred
Column spacing (mm)four hundred and eighty 
Maximum clamping range of circular specimen (mm) Φ 6- Φ twenty-six
Maximum clamping thickness of flat specimen (mm) 0-30
Maximum clamping width of flat specimen (mm) seventy-five
Pressure plate size (mm)φ 160mm
Maximum distance between two points of the bending fulcrum (mm) three hundred
Bending roll width (mm) one hundred and forty
clamping systemHydraulic automatic clamping
External dimensions of the host (mm) 760 * 620 * 2200
Size of oil source control console (mm) 600 × 500 × 1250 
Total motor power (kW) two
Total weight (kg) one thousand and six hundred 

Ⅷ. Factory standard configuration list

Testing machine hostTwo pillars, two screws, and a downward mounted oil cylinder1 unit 
Pressure force sensor300KN1 piece 
Measurement and control of oil sourceProprietary technology1 unit 
Electrical control systemProprietary technology1 set 
Round specimen stretching aidsΦ 6- Φ 13 Φ 13- Φ twenty-six1 set each 
Flat sample stretching aids0-15mm1 set 
Compression aidsφ 160mm1 set 
Instruction manual, certificate of conformity, packing list -----------1 set 

Ⅸ.  Confidentiality of technical intelligence and information

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