Manual small universal testing machine, 20kN, digital display


The main purpose of this universal testing machine is to study the elastic properties of materials. This equipment is also suitable for students to experiment or demonstrate.

This machine is a compact teaching equipment fixed on the platform. This equipment is operated manually by hydraulic pump. This structure is characterized by four parallel columns, a hydraulic pump and measuring instruments for measuring force and deformation.

This equipment is universal, so different tests can be carried out with several attachments.

Two options for measurement:

The standard version is that the force can be measured within the range of 0-20kN with a large dynamometer, and the deformation can be measured with a distance dial indicator with an accuracy of 0.01mm.

Another option is that the equipment uses a pressure sensor or a load cell to measure the load, while the deformation can be measured by a displacement sensor. The measurement results of force and deformation can be displayed through digital display screen or computer data acquisition system.

Measurement can be carried out with or without computer. If a computer is used for measurement, the force and deformation data measured by the sensor can enter the data acquisition system of the computer software through the data recorder. (The computer is not in the standard configuration)

Experimental ability (equipped with appropriate accessories)

● Tensile test

● compression test

● Bending test

● shear test 

● Brinell hardness test

● Cupping test

● Other tests


● Capacity: 20kN

● Accuracy of force : ± 2%

● Deformation range: 0-10 mm

● Accuracy: 0.01 mm

● Effective test space: 200mm

● Crosshead stroke: ca. 80mm

● Measuring system: digital display of force and deformation

● Software data acquisition based on LabView

● Dimensions: ca. 500 x 450 x 850 mm

● Net weight: ca. 48kg (excluding accessories)

● Gross weight: ca. 78kg (including accessories)





Stretch attachmentCompression attachmentBending attachment

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