Plastic Door And Window Angle Strength Testing Machine
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I. Usage: 

This machine is mainly used for testing the fracture strength of the welded part of the corner of plastic doors and Windows. 

II. Applicable standards: 

GB/T 8814-2004 "Door, window frame with unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) profile". 

III. Main Technical Indicators: 

1, the maximum test force: 20kN; 

2, test force accuracy: ±1%; 

3, loading speed: 50±5 mm/min; 

4, power supply voltage: 380V±10%, 50Hz; 

5, overall size: 950×460×1590mm; 

6. Weight: 230kg. 

IV. Product Functions and Features: 

1, the use of electro-mechanical integration design, by the main engine and electric control box two parts, the machine structure is advanced and reasonable, easy to use; 

2, single-chip data acquisition system and high-precision load sensor, to achieve electronic measurement, digital display, so that the data test is accurate, stable and reliable performance; 

3, the unique design of the pulley type automatic adjustment mechanism, so that the sample in the loading process can automatically alignment, effectively eliminate the friction between the old model sample and the pad, so that the test method is more scientific, the result is more accurate; 

4, with automatic printing function, can record the test results.

5. Quality Assurance and Services

5.1 Technical Services

5.1.1 Can assist users in searching or translating corresponding experimental standards;

5.1.2 can assist users in calculating material strength and selecting appropriate product specifications;

5.1.3 Can conduct material testing for users in advance and assist in selecting suitable fixtures;

5.1.4 At any time, you can communicate with our company's technical personnel to help answer and solve users' difficulties and selection issues;

5.2 After sales service

5.2.1. After-sales service is our last line of defense to win customers' respect. There is no reason let the service not timely.  

5.2.2. We can provide training installment and debugging services. 

5.2.3. Our products are guaranteed for one year.

5.2.4. 24-hour online service is also available.






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