Instruction manual for NB-1 mud hydrometer


The type NB-] mud hydrometer is an instrument for determiningthe specific gravity of mud in grams per centimeter.

Two. the main technical characteristics:

Measuring range from 0.96-3 g/cm @, scale indexing value is 0.01 g/cmmeter The mud cup has a capacity of 140 cm.

lii. Brief description of structu re:

This type of mud hydrometer is an unequal arm leverinstrument,its main components, as shown in the figure.


lv. Briefinstructions for use.

When the mud hydrometer is used, the mud shall be iniected into the (3)mud cup, until it is flush with the cup mouth, without leaving bubblescover the cup cover i4) gently, excess mud and air will be dischargedfrom the hole in the middle of the lid, and then wipe the soilled mudbrush clean and then put the (l) lever of the main knife ed ge (21 on thepase (7 of the main knife pad 18) Move the weight (6' slowly. When thepubble is in the center, the lever is horizontal The scale showrn on the leftside of the wel eht is the weight of mud

f you need to measure the mud weight 2-3 g/cm range, you need to unscrewthe balance cyinder cover (111, and then the balancc weisht (10) into thescrew cap can be measured. Measuring methods and steps are the samme asabove' The instrument should be washed and wiped clean after use

Five, check method:

Check whether the instrument is accurate, can befilled with distilled water in themud arms. usinp the same method to measure the specific gravity such as 1, it showsthat the hydrammeter is accurate, if the rasults are not l, the hydrameter balanctcylinder coyer can be unscrewed, increase or decrease the metal particles in thecylinder, so that the spec fic gravity can bemeasured for 1

viAppearance Size:

The volume ofthe mud hydrometer is 500 x100 x 100 mm.






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