Product name: digital display pressure testing machine 

Model number: YES-2000 

Maximum test force: 2000 

Measuring range: 10%~100% 

Piston stroke: 50 

Pressure plate size: 150X150 

Machine power: 1.0kw 

Main machine dimensions: 850X400X1050 

Relative error: ±1% 

Weight: 800 (kg) 

Application: Used for brick, stone, cement, concrete and other building materials compressive strength test, can also be used for other materials mechanical properties test

Technical Services

Can assist users in searching or translating corresponding experimental standards;

can assist users in calculating material strength and selecting appropriate product specifications;

Can conduct material testing for users in advance and assist in selecting suitable fixtures;

At any time, you can communicate with our company's technical personnel to help answer and solve users' difficulties and selection issues;

After sales service

After-sales service is our last line of defense to win customers' respect. There is no reason let the service not timely.  

We can provide training installment and debugging services. 

Our products are guaranteed for one year.

24-hour online service is also available.






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