Lever four ball friction tester MR-S10G

1. Introduction: 

The lever four ball friction tester is mainly used to evaluate the bearing capacity of lubricants in the form of sliding friction under extremely high point contact pressure. Including the maximum non seizure load Pb, sintering load Pd, comprehensive wear value zmz and other three indicators. In practical application, different evaluation indicators can be selected according to different uses of lubricants. The ambient temperature of the test oil box can be up to 250 ℃, and the time pre selection, friction, temperature and other presets can be carried out. The friction coefficient of the friction couple can also be measured. 

The tester is mainly suitable for lubricating oil evaluation. It has a wide application prospect in various professional fields of tribology, petroleum, chemical industry, energy and other industries, colleges and universities, research institutes (institutes) and other departments. 

2. Scheme Description: 

The testing machine is mainly composed of spindle drive system, weight lever system, oil box and heater, friction measurement system, programmable terminal of industrial all-in-one machine (which can preset, control, alarm and display parameters such as friction, speed, time and temperature), electrical control system, strong current system and other parts. They are all installed on the frame with the machine base as the main body. 


2.1 spindle drive system

The spindle is driven by the Estun servo motor and the AC servo system. The rated power of the motor of the system is 1.5KW, and the speed regulation range is 200 ~ 2000r/min, with stepless speed regulation. The accuracy of spindle speed can reach ± 10r/min. 

2.2 weight lever system

The lever weight system is composed of a knife bearing blade, a lever and a hook weight. The lower knife bearing is supported by double knife bearings, making the lever more stable and accurate in transmitting force. The lower supporting blade is the fulcrum of the lever weight system, and the force transmission blade transmits the force exerted by the lever system to the oil box and friction pair. The blade hook improves the accuracy of force transmission and is placed at the appropriate lever ratio position as needed. 

2.3 oil box and heater

The guide part under the oil box is equipped with imported linear bearings, which reduces the friction between the oil box seat and the main body and makes the test force value more accurate. 

An annular heater with a power of 250W and a rated voltage of 220V is installed outside the high-temperature oil box. It must be in close contact with the high-temperature oil box to obtain a stable control temperature. The temperature measuring platinum resistance is fixed on the temperature measuring oil box base, and its top extends out of the temperature measuring oil box base. The wire of the temperature measuring platinum resistance extends out of the oil box through the hole around the oil box and is connected with the controller. The test temperature is digitally controlled from room temperature to 250 ℃ through the temperature control system, and the signal is output. The temperature control accuracy can be controlled at ± 2 ℃. 

2.4 friction measurement system

When the steel ball friction pair works, due to the action of axial pressure, friction torque is generated when the spindle rotates. A small imbalance signal corresponding to the force is generated through the friction force arm and the friction sensor, and the friction value is displayed by the friction measurement system. 

2.5 electrical control system

The electrical control system adopts modular control, with strong anti-interference ability, stable performance / parameter setting, operation, calibration and other operation interfaces, and all kinds of operations are completed on the industrial integrated machine. The setting interface can realize the setting of test conditions, and the operation interface can carry out test operations. It can display the test data in real time, such as friction, speed, temperature, time, etc. It can display various relevant curves and analyze and process the test data. 

3. Main technical performance indicators: 

Serial numberentry nameTechnical indicators
1Test force
1.1Maximum test force10kN
1.2Below 4% of the maximum test force, the indication error of the test force±5N
1.3More than 4% of the maximum test force, and the relative error of the test force indication±1%
1.4Loading mode of test forceWeight manual loading
2.1Maximum friction200N
2.2The relative error of friction indication shall not be greater than±3%
2.3Automatic shutdown under heavy load overload
3Heating system of testing machine
3.1Temperature control rangeRoom temperature ~ 250 ℃
3.2Temperature control accuracy+2℃
4Spindle speed
4.1Spindle speed range200r/min ~ 2000r/min (stepless adjustable)
4.2Speed control accuracy±10r/min
5Taper of spindle inner hole1:7
6Oil consumption for one test10ml
7Nominal diameter of special standard steel ballΦ12.7
8Spindle motor power1.5kW
9Spindle control of testing machine
9.1time control
9.2Friction control
10Time display and control range of testing machine1s~9999min
11Overall dimension of testing machine (length×wide×Height) mm1185×505×1565

4. Wear spot video measurement system: 

The wear spot video measuring instrument is mainly used to measure the wear spot diameter of the four ball test. Meet the requirements of gb3142 and gb12580 for test data measurement. In addition, the measuring instrument can also be used for sample observation of ring block wear testing machine. 

Main technical performance indicators

1) Measurement accuracy: 0.01mm

2) Wear spot measurement range: 0-4mm

3) Diameter of measuring workbench: 114mm

4) Adjust the up and down measurement space by adjusting the handwheel

5) Image acquisition, editing and annotation, image preservation, experimental data processing and preservation, report generation and printing

5 system configuration list: 

Serial numbernamesketchquantityremarks
1 set
2Test force weight
1 set
3Wear spot video measuring instrument
1 set
1Product instructions
1 copy
2Certificate of conformity
1 copy
3Packing list
1 copy
4Operation manual of wear spot video measuring instrument
1 copy
1Normal temperature oil box


1 set
2High temperature oil box (including heater and platinum resistance)
1 set
3Oil box gasket
1 set
4Friction sensor (200N)
5φ12.7 special steel ball for four ball machine
200 capsules
6Spring collet 


2 pieces
7Damping sizing block (anchor nut) 


8Decorative plug
4 pieces
9Power plug and connection
1 set
1 piece
11Objective lens 4×And 2.5×
1 piece each
12Cross micrometer C7
13Ruler seat
1Small set tool
1 set
2inner hexagon spanner
3hair drier
1 piece
4Stainless steel medium waist plate
5Stainless steel small waist plate
6Medical tweezers
1 pieceSpecification: 140mm
1 pieceSpecification: 200mm
1Square wrench 


2Cover socket wrench 


1 piece
3Steel ball tweezers 


4Hammer bar
1 piece
5Oil box pressure ring lifting rod
1 piece
6Lifting screw
4 pieces

6. Quality Assurance and Services

6.1 Technical Services

6.1.1 Can assist users in searching or translating corresponding experimental standards;

6.1.2 can assist users in calculating material strength and selecting appropriate product specifications;

6.1.3 Can conduct material testing for users in advance and assist in selecting suitable fixtures;

6.1.4 At any time, you can communicate with our company's technical personnel to help answer and solve users' difficulties and selection issues;

6.2 After sales service

6.2.1. After-sales service is our last line of defense to win customers' respect. There is no reason let the service not timely.  

6.2.2. We can provide training installment and debugging services. 

6.2.3. Our products are guaranteed for one year.

6.2.4. 24-hour online service is also available.






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