HKMR-C1 FZG Gear Wear Testing Machine

1.Product Introduction:

This machine is used for the test of evaluating the anti-gluing load capacity of gear or lubricating oil.

2.Scope of Application

Test method for bearing capacity of lubricants (CL-100 gear machine method) SH/T0306-92, test method for bearing capacity of gear gluing GB/T13672-92. (Customized according to user requirements)

3.Main Technical Performance Indicators:

(1)Maximum torque: 1kn.m;

(2)Maximum load class: 13;

(3)Temperature control accuracy: ±2ºC;

(4)Drive motor power: 6.5/8KW;

(5)Driving motor speed: 1450/2880r/min;

(6)Capacity of the test gear box (from the center line of the shaft to the bottom of the box) : 1.25L;

(7)Heating power: 0.5×3= 1.5kW;

(8)Host size (L × W × H) 1390×705×1082mm.

4.The Working Conditions

The testing machine should work under the following conditions:

(1)The power supply voltage fluctuation range should not exceed the rated value ±10%, frequency fluctuation range should not exceed the rated value 2%;

(2)The testing machine should be installed horizontally, the installation foundation must be stable, the horizontal error of the host workbench should not exceed 0.2/1000;

(3)Room temperature 10ºC-35ºC;

(4)No vibration environment, no strong magnetic field interference, no corrosive medium;

(5)Relative humidity is not more than 80%.

5.Structural features and working principle

5.1 Loading way The machine is a kind of dynamic closed loop structure, and the loading method adopts the way of loading bar hanging weight.

The loading rod is hung on the slot wheel of the loading clutch. After hanging the weight, tighten the two slot wheels on the loading clutch by fastening the nut of the loading clutch, remove the weight and the loading rod, and the torque can be read on the torque measuring clutch.

5.2 The spindle drive of the testing machine Shaft 2 is the driving shaft, and shaft 1 is the driven shaft.

5.3 Installation and adjustmenthe main machine of the testing machine is placed on the horizontal floor, with three pads on it, and a level instrument is placed on the table of the testing machine. By adjusting the pad iron, the horizontal error of the table of the main machine is not more than 0.2/1000.

The main machine of the testing machine should be separated from the control cabinet to isolate the noise generated by the operation of the main machine and the irritating smell generated by the test oil. After the test machine is started, personnel should not enter the room where the main machine is placed.

The test procedure is in accordance with the provisions of SH/T0306-92, Determination of Lubricant Bearing Capacity (CL-100 Gear machine Method).

5.4 Electrical parts

Electric control cabinet panel is divided into three parts, electric control part is equipped with power supply, motor switch control button; The temperature measuring part is equipped with two intelligent instruments; The measuring part of time and revolution is equipped with display window of time and revolution and reset preset device.    

After plugging in the power cord, press the "on" button of the power supply part to power the whole machine; Press the "off" button of the power supply part, the whole machine is in power off state; After pressing the "on" button of the power supply part, press the "Low speed" button, the motor will run at the speed of 1450r/min; Press the "motor stop" button, the motor will stop running.

5.5  Temperature control section

The heating and temperature control of sample are realized by temperature control table and power regulator. There is a nuzzle switch on the right side of the temperature control table, breaking to the "open" side, the temperature control table is connected to the power supply, breaking to the "off" side, the temperature control table is disconnected from the power supply. The switch operation of the power regulator is the same, and the test temperature can be controlled by setting the temperature controller and the operation of the power regulator.

5.6 Operation of part of revolution device The motor RPM can be preset by flipping the dial plate under the RPM display window; Press Clear to clear the revolutions displayed in the revolutions display window.

5.7 Time unit When the "minute, second" button is pressed, the number displayed on the time display window is in seconds, and the preset number on the dial plate is in seconds. When the "minute, second" button is pressed up, the time display window and dial preset numbers are divided into units respectively. The dial plate under the time display window can preset the test time. Press the "reset" button to clear the number on the time display window.

In the test, if the tooth is broken or the load on the gear is abnormally increased, the overload automatic protection device will automatically stop.

(The appearance of the gear machine is shown as follows)


6.1 This technical solution belongs to the technical data of our company, and the user shall assume the obligation of keeping confidential the technical information and data provided by us. This clause shall be effective for a long time no matter whether this solution is adopted or not.

6.2 We shall also keep confidential the technical information and data provided by users.

7. Quality Assurance and Services

7.1 Technical Services

7.1.1 Can assist users in searching or translating corresponding experimental standards;

7.1.2 can assist users in calculating material strength and selecting appropriate product specifications;

7.1.3 Can conduct material testing for users in advance and assist in selecting suitable fixtures;

7.1.4 At any time, you can communicate with our company's technical personnel to help answer and solve users' difficulties and selection issues;

7.2 After sales service

7.2.1. After-sales service is our last line of defense to win customers' respect. There is no reason let the service not timely.  

7.2.2. We can provide training installment and debugging services. 

7.2.3. Our products are guaranteed for one year.

7.2.4. 24-hour online service is also available.







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