WDW-5 Microcomputer Controlled Electronic Universal Testing Machine

I.Product Overview:

This series of testing machines is designed and produced by our company on the basis of absorbing internationally leading testing machine technology. This machine is widely used in industries such as building materials, aerospace, mechanical manufacturing, wires and cables, rubber and plastics, textiles, home appliances, etc. to test and analyze the mechanical performance indicators of various metal, non-metal, and composite materials. It is an ideal testing equipment for scientific research institutions, vocational colleges, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, quality inspection and other departments.

This series of testing machines achieves automatic control of the testing process and data collection and analysis through computers, achieving full digitalization and automation of the data collection, analysis and control process. The control and data processing software using WINDOWS as the operating interface has achieved computer display of test force, peak test force, beam displacement, test deformation, and test curve. The good humanized design makes the test operation more convenient. This machine can achieve three closed-loop control modes: experimental force, deformation, and displacement, and can smoothly switch between control modes such as constant stress, constant strain, and constant displacement.

This series of testing machine is based on 

Elastomer modified asphalt waterproof coil GB18242-2008, 

Plastic body modified asphalt waterproof coil GB18243-2008, 

Petroleum asphalt glass fiber tire waterproof coil GB/T14686-2008, 

Aluminum Foil Surface Petroleum Asphalt Waterproof Coil JC/T504-2007, 

Asphalt Composite Tire Flexible Waterproof Coil JC/T690-2008, 

Self-adhesive rubber asphalt waterproof coil JC840-1999 

Modified asphalt polyethylene tire waterproof coil GB18967-2003, 

Self-adhesive Polymer Modified Asphalt Polyester Tire waterproof coil JC898-2002, 

Modified asphalt waterproof coil for Road and Bridge JC/T974-2005, 

PVC waterproof Coil GB12952-2003, 

Chlorinated polyethylene waterproof coil GB12953-2003, 

Polymer waterproof material Part I Sheet GB18173.1-2006, 

Ternary Butadiene Rubber Waterproof Coil JC/T645-1996, 

Chlorinated polyethylene rubber blend waterproof coil JC/T684-1997, 

Plastic body (APP) asphalt waterproof roll for road and bridge JT/T536-2004 

Tensile properties of asphalt waterproof coil GB/T328.8-2007, 

Polymer waterproof tensile properties roll GB/T328.9-2007 

Tearing property (nail bar method)GB/T328.18-2007, 

Tear performance of polymer waterproof coil GB/T328.19-2007, 

Asphalt waterproof roll joint stripping performance material GB/T328.20-2007, 

Joint stripping performance of polymer waterproof coil GB/T328.21-2007, 

Joint shear performance of asphalt waterproof coil GB/T328.22-2007, 

Polymer waterproof coil joint shear performance GB/T328.23-2007 

And other standard manufacturing.

II.Product Structure and Function:

1. This series of machines adopts an AC servo motor and speed control system to drive the precision ball screw pair to move up and down, thereby achieving a wide range of stepless adjustment of the test speed, ensuring high accuracy, low noise, and high stability during the test process.

2. The experimental control system has the advantages of high integration, stable performance, and easy adjustment. Experimental data can be collected in real-time, and experimental characteristic curves can be dynamically displayed in real-time. Experimental data files can be saved in the form of commonly used databases in Access, facilitating customer resource sharing and network management, as well as user reanalysis. For various user-defined Word 2000 reports, this software can easily access them, solving the problem of different users or the same user having different needs for experimental reports at different times. This software can process raw data of experimental force, displacement, time, deformation, and the resulting curves.

High-frequency acquisition card


3.Protection function: This machine has two limit protection methods: software and mechanical, and the proportion of automatic shutdown exceeding the maximum load can be dynamically set; It has multiple protection functions such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, etc.

Mechanical limit


Emergency stop button


4. Automatic labeling can be achieved for load and deformation channels, which is intuitive and convenient.

5. Batch experiments can achieve hierarchical display of curves and automatic curve following.

6. This software can achieve user-defined speed settings and computer adjustment of speed. It can also achieve high-precision speed calibration and adjust the speed gear and encoding at any time.

7. Monitoring the testing process: Real time display of various parameters such as testing force, deformation, displacement, and curve during the testing process can be achieved.

8. Software permission grading management function: In order to improve the security of software and data, the software can achieve permission grading management function by setting different password protection.

9. Result reproduction function: After the experimental operation is completed and saved, it can be opened and reanalyzed according to the user's needs at any time in the future.

10. According to user needs, load deformation, load time, load displacement, displacement time, deformation time and other curves can be selected for testing, data display, storage, analysis, and printing.

12. Force interface: The force channel interface and testing software can be equipped with various sensors according to user needs, and can be calibrated, modified parameters, and tested normally.

13. Deformation interface: The deformation channel interface and testing software can be equipped with various types of extensometers according to user needs, and can be calibrated, modified parameters, and normal tests.

14. The software operation interface is shown in the figure (different test requirements require slightly different software)



III.  Main technical parameters of the product:

No.Entry nameTechnical parameter
1Maximum test force5000N
2Testing machine accuracyLevel 1
3Test force measurement range2%-100%
4Displacement resolution0.01mm
5Test speed range0.2-500mm/min
6Stretch Space1000mm
7Compressed space1000mm
8Host size560*420*1650mm
9Host weight150Kg

IV. Basic product configuration:

No.NameSpecification brandquantity
1Testing machine host
1 unit
2Test control software
1 set
3data acquisition card
1 set
4Stepper motor
1 set
5Stepper driver
1 set
7Photoelectric encoder
8computerLenovo (2GB memory, 500G hard drive, 19 inch LCD display)1 unit
9printerCanon or HP1 unit
10Stretching attachmentWire winding attachment1 set
11Compression attachmentΦ 1001 set
12Random tools
1 set
13Random filesUser manual, certificate of conformity, etc1 set

V.Quality Assurance and Services

5.1 Technical Services

5.1.1 Can assist users in searching or translating corresponding experimental standards;

5.1.2 can assist users in calculating material strength and selecting appropriate product specifications;

5.1.3 Can conduct material testing for users in advance and assist in selecting suitable fixtures;

5.1.4 At any time, you can communicate with our company's technical personnel to help answer and solve users' difficulties and selection issues;

5.2 After sales service

5.2.1. After-sales service is our last line of defense to win customers' respect. There is no reason let the service not timely.  

5.2.2. We can provide training installment and debugging services. 

5.2.3. Our products are guaranteed for one year.

5.2.4. 24-hour online service is also available.